Day: February 4, 2016
EducationAnna McMillan

The language of now

<TITLE> <HEAD> <HTML> I’m sorry, what was that? What you see above is code: the language of the future, or, more accurately, the language of the now. Coding, however, is unlike any other dialect. In short, it’s writing things that make the...

LifestyleAlyssa Grams

Hookah and chill

On Thursday evenings, The Sultan Palace (located on 109 Street, just north of Jasper Avenue) is the place to be. After the waitress prompts you to select your flavour, you look around to see customers creating delicate shapes with the billowing smoke that leaves...

DowntownMarc Kitteringham

The reading

The door jingled as we walked in. We were greeted by a bright-pink poster featuring Polaroid photos of past fortune recipients and a description of the kinds of fortune telling offered at the Russian Tea Room. We were shown to a small table in the corner. I was...

tea leaves
EducationKyle Muzyka

Solitary confinement

Recently, I watched a time-lapsed video of Nicholas White, a man stuck in an elevator for 41 hours. It was 11 p.m. when he took an elevator down the McGraw-Hill Building in New York, heading down to smoke a cigarette. Instead, he was holed up in a square room, with...


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