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Day: September 7, 2016


Partisan politics are not for students’ associations

If you attend a post-secondary institution in Canada, odds are you’re a member of a students’ association or its equivalent. Students’ associations are organizations that operate within a university (but separate from its administration) and lobby the university and external

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The Decision

When Rob Poole, the mainstay of the women’s basketball team for six years, decided to move on from the program, it was unclear who would step up in the midst of MacEwan’s best years in its short Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS)

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Remembering Misha

“To this moment, I still remember his first arrival to Canada,” Misha Bazelevskyy’s brother, Andriy, said of his move from Ukraine. “He came out of the car and just stretched his hands and he said, ‘Yeah! Finally!’” Mykhaylo (Misha) Bazelevskyy

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Drugs won’t make your favourite rapper great again

When Kid Cudi’s 2009 album Man on the Moon: End of Day was released, it was widely-received as a drug-influenced album. Many songs make frequent overt references to drug use. The music video to “The Pursuit of Happiness” stars Cudi

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A gem hidden in plain sight

The room erupts in occasional laughter when the acting on the screen gets too melodramatic for even the most composed of the audience. It’s Friday night, and about 100 Edmontonians have gathered at the Garneau Theatre for a screening of

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CRISPR: Engineering evolution

What if you could ensure your child would never get Crohn’s disease? Or what if you could choose their hair colour? Or make sure they would have perfect eyesight? What may seem like science fiction to us now is just

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Superman goes to school

We’ve all been there. You’re talking about the last episode of your favourite show, or maybe you’re freaking out about the incredible album your favourite band just dropped, and then you hear it: “That’s what you like? Really?” There is

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Living with loss

It might chart a slow, predictable course, or it might catch us off guard. It could arrive too early, or not soon enough. Once in a while, it will appear right on target, and even though we know we need

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Closer to campus

As the fall semester gets underway, the majority of MacEwan’s sports teams will resume business as usual and begin their 2016 seasons. However, this time around, the women’s and men’s Griffins hockey teams will play in a brand new venue:

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