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Day: November 8, 2017


Club Q+A: Hip Hop Club

When did you decide to begin a hip hop club at MacEwan? Quinton Wong: The club was started in 2015, so two years ago. The club was only 24 people to start with, but it doubled last year. It gathered

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A better future for nursing students

Nursing students in Canada may finally be presented with an opportunity already afforded to numerous other faculties: paid final practicums. For many years, medical and engineering students have had paid practicums and internships. So why have nursing students been forced

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Final Thoughts: Will AI end the world as we know it?

—“Hey, Siri: tell me when the world will be taken over by robots.” —“I’m sorry, Sydney, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” If Siri’s response sends a shiver down your spine, you can thank HAL 9000, the iconic, eerily calm,

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Climbing down the ivory tower

Science has long been called an “ivory tower,” a discipline that you either have the knack for or don’t. With myriad concepts and terminology coming with the territory, the world of science can seem intimidating. But with technology rapidly changing

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Renovations rejuvenate Edmonton’s Pride Centre

With a larger space and a new look, the Pride Centre of Edmonton is now better equipped to serve LGBTQ+ communities. The organization, a community service centre and practicum partner with MacEwan University’s department of social work, recently moved into

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Keeping it close to home

Alberta is often recognized for its prairies and rolling Rocky Mountains. The mix of smooth and jagged landscapes allows artists to draw inspiration from the place so many of us call home. Who doesn’t love a friendly reminder of Alberta’s

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Language as community

Kihêw waciston, meaning “eagle’s nest” in Cree, offers a safe space for the exploration of indigenous culture at MacEwan University. The indigenous centre organizes events for students of all backgrounds to build their sense of community and learn about indigenous

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Recipe: Irish brew stew

Being an adult student is hard. Not only do we have to put a large amount of effort into our studies, but many of us come home after a long day at school and need to feed ourselves. Getting home

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How-to: Save money

Alright, so you want to save some of that hard-earned cash, and you’re wondering how to go about it. You’re also hoping to do it in a way that still allows you to enjoy university life. Don’t you worry, because

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Date night: Stargazing

November is upon us. The malls are overflowing with red and green ornaments and eager crowds, and coffee shops abandon the pumpkin spice flavours for peppermint mochas. For those who like to explore the outdoors despite the dropping temperatures, the

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