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What the provincial election means for students and how you can get involved


What the provincial election means for students and how you can get involved

Election called during final exams, but voting office is less than a block away from campus

With the provincial election being called for April 16, you may be wondering what that means for students at MacEwan University.

William Dolman, returning officer for the Edmonton City Centre electoral division, spoke about the process.

“We are now hiring election day and advance-poll staff. I have to hire about 275 people,” said Dolman.

As a returning officer, Dolman is responsible for making sure the election runs smoothly in his riding.

“The returning officer manages the election process in an electoral division or riding. What that means is getting space for an office, managing an office, working with eligible people who want to be added to the list of voters, hiring election and polling workers and managing election day, and working with people who aren’t able to vote on election day. For those people, we have a special ballot.”

Dolman wasn’t able to comment on any of the issues or candidates, but he does have one message for students: “It is important that students exercise their right to vote. It would make me the happiest man in Alberta if every single eligible student voted.”

At stake in this election is how much government invests in higher education as well as funding for programs on campus. Students that normally live elsewhere can vote here during the advance polls.  

Students can also get involved with the election process by working for Elections Alberta as an election officer. Applications are ongoing through

Working as an election officer means a 13-hour work day on April 16, as well as an in-person paid training session and some online training beforehand.

“You should vote,” said Dolman. “You should become aware of the issues. Know that you can come over here from Tuesday to Saturday, the 9th to 13th of April, and vote.”

Students at MacEwan University can vote during those dates at the polling office located a half block north of MacEwan at 10568 108 St.