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Day: September 15, 2019


Back to school

It’s been a very busy couple of years for Elisia Snyder, who graduated from MacEwan University in 2016 as the first Creative English Honours student from the Department of Arts and Sciences. Since then, she has travelled to Thetford Mines,

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Spilling the ink

Some of the best conversations are based around tattoos. They have grown in popularity, almost becoming a cultural stamp.The mark of a new generation, if you will.  Throughout much of human history, tattoos have been used by many cultures for

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Date night

Eskimos game

The anticipation thrummed through me and my knees bounced. I looked around the LRT, noticing the crowds. The man sitting opposite us was laughing as he listened to our conversation. Everyone seemed relaxed and chill.  I got down to the

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Revitalization for whom?

Three years after its opening, it seems the dust has settled around Rogers Place. It has not taken long for the arena to establish itself as an integral part of the downtown scene — in spite of the constant construction

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