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Day: February 9, 2021


Gift giving for Valentine’s Day

As students, we work hard every day to get the best grades possible, pushing our boundaries mentally and emotionally. Life continues around us; seasons come and go. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner and the pandemic still upon us,

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Dry January

With the advent of a new year, comes new year’s resolutions. This often includes a healthier diet, hitting the gym, and “dry January.” Dry January is the commitment to stay abstinent from alcohol for the entire month. For the restaurant

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The science of sex returns

The Telus World of Science is bringing back one of their favourite Dark Matters events, Science of Sex. I got to speak with one of their staff scientists, Marie McConnell, who told me all about the upcoming event.  She describes

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For locals, by locals

A new landmark popped up over the summer of 2020, leaving many people curious about the story behind the “little Europe” on the corner of 120 Street and 107 Avenue. This structure currently functions as a photo op destination for

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