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Author: Mia Holowaychuk


Netflix is bringing password sharing to a halt

We all know that one Netflix account that we piggyback off of, the one with the six different profiles all from different households. Well, Netflix is cracking down on password sharing by starting a new feature that aims to prevent

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Food for thought: Mercer Tavern

In January of 2021, Mercer’s Tavern decided to revamp its menu and focus on its new food program. Due to the second shutdown, they have aimed to focus on comfort foods and food that travels well with delivery services such

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Food for thought: Arcadia Brewing

Darren McGeown first knew he wanted to open a brewery when he was sitting in a pub with his parents in Northern Ireland at the age of six. The atmosphere, camaraderie, and community are what inspired him to take his

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Dry January

With the advent of a new year, comes new year’s resolutions. This often includes a healthier diet, hitting the gym, and “dry January.” Dry January is the commitment to stay abstinent from alcohol for the entire month. For the restaurant

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