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Author: Thai Sirikoone


Recipe: fridge-raider ramen

Every student in university knows the joke that we basically sustain ourselves on ramen. If you’re taking a quick trip to Sobeys or Save-On, you’re guaranteed to find some sort of discount noodle. However, the discount brands usually take the

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Animethon returns to MacEwan University

Once a year, MacEwan University is overrun with big swords, sexy robots, and pointy hair.  MacEwan hosted the 24th annual Animethon convention Aug. 11 through 13. The convention featured artists and performers including, among others, singer-songwriter Mika Kobayashi, voice actor

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Staying afloat

Here’s a fun fact: MacEwan University has a pool, and it’s paid for by the students. Specifically, students pay $84 per term “to support the provision of sport and wellness services on campus,” according to MacEwan’s website. That fee includes

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AGLC now allows minors to perform in bars and lounges

On Friday, February 3rd, at The Needle Vinyl Tavern, the Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission (AGLC) announced a policy amendment that allows minors to perform at “minor-prohibited venues such as lounges and bars.” President and CEO of the AGLC, Bill

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Sharks and phish

Online security has become a bit of a hot topic as of late. In the digital age, with digital citizens and digital identities, it makes sense that personal security would evolve with our technology. Big data companies, like Facebook and

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Some silly internet pages we like

The internet is pretty weird. And by that we mean pretty dumb. There’s an ample amount of dumbness in all corners of the web, but social media has made it easier than ever to find trash content on the internet.

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Our favourites albums of 2016

2016 was a killer year for new media. Movies were exciting, video games were fun, and Netflix was chill. Music was no exception to 2016’s good media grace. Here are some of our favourite albums of the year, among many

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Least favourite Christmas and seasonal songs

There are many, many “seasonal” songs that get airplay as soon as the year’s first snowflake falls to the ground. Some of these songs are classics that truly merit the yearly spins. However, there are many other songs that need

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Film review: Shin Godzilla

On Oct. 12, Hideaki Anno’s Shin Godzilla screened at the Scotiabank theatre in West Edmonton Mall and will have additional screenings on Oct. 19 and Oct. 24.   The Godzilla franchise has had a precarious history as of late, especially

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Women’s hockey secures victory in Downtown home opener

MacEwan hockey has officially christened the Downtown Community Arena with two victories after the women’s team took a 2-1 victory over SAIT Saturday night.   The prospect of a new arena had been highly anticipated for both Griffins hockey teams

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