CampusAnna McMillan

Culinary classes on campus

“Yeah, that could definitely use a little more galangal,” says Kathryn Joel, owner of Get Cooking, as she places what must have been her 20th tasting spoon in the to-be-washed pile. Bustling around a kitchen packed with mostly couples, Joel, who has been operating...

CampusMegan Lockhart

A new era for The Griff

To me, September always signifies a time of rebirth. I know that it’s contradictory to the season’s symbolism as the dying days before our long winter, but I think of autumn as a fresh start. I guess I’ve been a student for too long! In fall 2011, just after I had...

CampusAna Holleman

Queer on campus

This summer was a major period of recognizing, understanding and celebrating transgender people in popular media. Caitlyn Jenner, an Olympic athlete and transgender woman, almost broke the internet with her spectacular coming-out on the cover of Vanity Fair’s July...

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