Tim’s, stick to what you know (Opinion)

Why the Tim Hortons in MacEwan should stick to drinks If you’re anything like me, you like a good reasonably-priced cup of coffee. As delicious Deville’s lattes are, there’s nothing worse than breaking the bank on coffee. But, Tim Hortons gives me my daily cup of java, and I don’t have to provide more than a toonie.I know exactly what I get from Tim’s — hot coffee with the slightly burnt taste of coffee beans. Tim Hortons’s reputation remains strong as a beloved Canadian chain, or… as Canadian as it can get as a massive fast food chain.Tim’s is not what it used to be. Our perception of Tim Hortons is affected by our desire to view it as some sort of Canadian underdog. When we think of Tim’s, we think of some trucker sitting in his...

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CORRECTION: In “The Golden Key Society, which doors does this key open?” by Joelle Fagan and Zach Dafoe, Nooshin Walji’s name was misspelt.

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