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  • Develop your portfolio by getting published
  • Hone your craft through our editing process
  • Gain hands on experience in news media
  • Expand your network via our meetups and reporting/interviews
  • Make an impact in the city and further through your work
  • Media access to events, key sources, and more
  • Help you learn about what’s inside you, become, and grow your soul (that’s what Kurt Vonnegut says anyways.)


We host weekly meetups where we hang out, pitch stories, chat about things happening at and around MacEwan, and sometimes have coffee or tea. Our editors come prepped with pitches every week, so there’s never a lack of new ideas and stories for contributors to chat about or write/report on. We always encourage contributors to bring pitches of their own as well. Come get to know the editors and be a part of our newsroom! 

We also have our Discord community online where we share pitches and discuss current events as well. Chat with our editors or email us for an invite.

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The Griff is open to all students, no experience needed. The only thing we need from contributors is a strong curiosity, style, and a conviction to pursue the truth. Whether that means getting to the bottom of an administrative mess at MacEwan or dissecting the latest film, we want our contributors to be asking piercing questions about the world around them. 

Our contributors should be ambitious and energetic in their work to create something that feels so alive it might just fly off the page. Don’t be afraid to tread new ground in your reporting, opinions, or art.


We keep it simple. You own all your work and the copyright to it. All we ask is that we get to publish your article first for one week. Any other work attached to your work (photos, art, etc.) is owned by either the Griff or its creator and won’t be available for your personal use unless express permission is given.

We’ll provide an energetic promotion of your work after it’s published to help you get as many eyes on your work as possible (we’re rooting for ya!) 


If you’re looking to contribute with us check out our Contributor guide below. If you have any questions, please email, Joelle Fagan at