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MacEwan Eats campaign aims to shed light on campus food options

by | Oct 13, 2015 | News

“I yam what I yam.” “Turnip the beet.” You’ve probably seen these posters around campus. The vegetable puns are advertising the new MacEwan Eats campaign, which gives students the ability to easily access information about the university’s food services. “There are a lot of students here who kind of have a routine . . . but we wanted to [assure] students there are many other places around campus where you can get healthy food, affordable food, local food, and ensure it’s not just about the franchises here,” says Marketing and Communications Consultant Mary Malott.

The new website categorizes the food services on campus under several labels: bargain, healthy, local, and alternative. It also features a special category for coffee. The website lists all the campus food vendors, as well as their menus.

The main goal of the campaign is to give students comprehensive information about food services on campus. It gives students the ability to find places that serve their needs, and shows that there are a variety of places to do just that.

Through the website, students can see everything that is available to them, allowing for a better campus food experience.

“We have so much available that is just not known about, and we have great vendors that are really underutilized,” says Britney Stojke, a marketing member of MacEwan Eats. “People don’t necessarily walk from one end of campus to the other, but if you do, you’ll find some amazing food no matter where you are.”

Along with the website, MacEwan Eats is involved in the Tower Gardens Project, which is also run by Retail and Campus Services. Tower Gardens re-purposes the underutilized space in the university to provide sustainable resources right on campus. The Tower Gardens project uses aeroponics technology, a highly energy-efficient technology that grows produce without soil and requires very little water compared to traditional farming. Tower Gardens can be seen in the spiral staircase on the lower level of Building 6.

The MacEwan Eats team dedicates its time to making food services more accessible to students. “In regards to new food, our local vendors are always coming up with new menu items. It’s just a matter of communicating that to us.”

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