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Day: November 1, 2016


The future of mental health in Alberta post-secondary

Mental health funding for post-secondary institutions is a crucial part of creating healthy environments for students. However, as the three-year pilot program from the government of Alberta comes to an end, institutions across the province are apprehensive about the future

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Age is just a number

A quick glance around a classroom at MacEwan University might a slew of young faces texting or typing on their computers and tablets. Behind this exterior, however, is a demographic that goes greatly unrecognized: the mature student population. A mature

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A community within a community

If you’ve ever walked through Building 8 at MacEwan University’s City Centre Campus, you’ve probably seen quite a few students wearing maroon hoodies sitting at the tables near the staircase to the gym. Many of them are athletes who play

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Feminism’s road to becoming mainstream

Whether they happen in the comments section of a Facebook post or in a heated classroom discussion, debates about equality (and specifically feminism) seem to be becoming more commonplace. Feminism is conventionally understood as a social justice movement that works

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Getting a fair shake

The justice system in Alberta is similar to many institutions in that critics think it looks at the actions of individuals over the individuals themselves. If a system is built to punish those who choose to commit an action against the

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The infinite radness

“Oh God, is there going to be a music industry 10 years from now? Is there going to be a civilization 10 years from now?” Those were the questions Tokyo Police Club’s keyboardist Graham Wright had when thinking about where

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Obsessed with clean living

Chances are, you or someone you know has tried some sort of alternative diet. According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, 39 per cent of Canadians have tried a diet which restricts certain foods or food groups. Maybe you thought

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The unseen impacts of racism

The clothes you wear, the music you listen to, or even the food you eat are things that can seem insignificant until you consider how much they’re thanks to deliberate choices you’ve made to be the way you are. What can

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