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Day: March 1, 2018


Method over madness

  When we think of research, we usually picture someone in a white coat, peering over a laboratory counter and into a microscope. The title “researcher” evokes the image of a lone scientist on a mission to find some sort

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Recipe: Mixed greens

Feeling bloated? Don’t like fizzy drinks? Want to enjoy something other than green beer this St. Patrick’s Day? Well, listen up, boy-o, because the griff is here with some fancy, green, and festive cocktails to help you impress your friends

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Final Thoughts: Monotone Edmonton

A giant pair of brick- and glass-striped stockings and shoes. A pile of shiny balls. A 14.9-metre-tall aluminum baseball bat. A sculpture of twisted bronze abstractly resembling a flock of geese. A series of colourful fruit sculptures.   These are

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Study spot

Study Spot: The Moth Cafe

In search of a night-time study spot that isn’t Starbucks? You’re sure to find what you need, and more, at the Moth. This recently opened café is perfect for those who prefer to get their schoolwork done in the evening.

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When #MeToo happens to you

Me too. Most of us have come across this simple yet powerful phrase in the past few months. Founded by activist Tarana Burke 10 years ago and having gone viral in 2017, after American actress Alyssa Milano called on survivors

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A food truck ferris wheel?

  Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson and Aziz Bootwala are the brains behind the Edmonton Project, a platform launched in August of 2017 that gave anyone living in Edmonton the chance to submit an idea for a new city landmark.   Hansen-Carlson is

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Club Q+A

Club Q+A: Idea and Social Club

What is the Idea and Social Club and what do you do? Keith Sabine: We’re a club that wants to bring people from all different disciplines together to talk about ideas and be social. Every couple of weeks we have

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The faces of Boyle Street Community Centre

At first glance the crowds standing around the narrow entrance of Boyle Street Community Services are intimidating. Most of the people have rough appearances and tough demeanors. But, as so often is the case, things are not what they appear

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How-to: Bullet journal

The bullet journal is an organization system that can be customized to meet anyone’s personal planning needs. The method was first created by digital designer Ryder Carroll, who calls it “rapid logging.” “Note-taking and traditional journaling take time; the more

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Edmonton’s brewing golden age

Is there such thing as too much beer? Even if there is, Edmonton has room for more. Thirsty Edmontonians should be pleased to know that the city has many local breweries that offer crisp drinks to help them unwind. As

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