Day: November 18, 2019
PoliticsJackson Spring

What’s a city to do?

Edmonton City Council joined a number of other Canadian municipalities on Aug. 27 of this year by voting in favour of declaring that the dangers of climate change constitute an emergency. The motion was passed with 10 councillors in favour and three opposed, and...

CampusEmily Campbell

My Heart Will Bolo On

Alliances. Clubs. Societies. Peer programs. What- ever you call them — here at MacEwan University we go with student groups — they’re an integral part of the student experience. For three consecutive years, and an untold period of time during our newspaper stage,...

OpinionsTom Cline

In fiscal pain

On Oct. 24, the newly elected United Conservative Party (UCP) released its first budget, which cuts funding for universities in a number of ways. The Fiscal Plan 2019-23, which is available on the Government of Alberta website, contains a five per cent cut to...

CultureAidan Kelly

Pippin to hit the stage this month

With winter upon us, students may be looking for some fun indoor entertainment options. Luckily for us, MacEwan University’s theatre season has got our backs! For the first time in their 30-year history, MacEwan Theatre will be performing their rendition of Pippin....

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