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Author: Adelya Nugmanova


What’s the meaning of university?

The phrase “university is the best four years of your life” gets passed around quite often during family dinners, so you start to believe it. For some students, this experience features partying every weekend, complaining about deadlines, and scraping by

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How-to: Travel solo as a student

#When I first started travelling solo, the whole idea of navigating a city with only my backpack and brains scared me senseless. But as soon as my feet landed in vibrant Naples, my fears slowly began to disappear. Before I

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Bark at the Moonshine

Hansen Distillery is usually closed on Sundays, but an exclusive bottling party made the place come alive on March 31. The tasting lounge reminded me of a bar scene from a western movie, with its handmade wooden bar and rustic

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Does “Baby” really glamourize teenage prostitution?

If you’ve ever experienced explosive emotions that lead to long drives with intense music blaring in the background, the show “Baby” might be your cup of tea. This Italian Netflix show has caused tons of hype, but not because of

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