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Author: Scott Meeberg


Meet MacEwan’s new sustainability coordinator

When Kalen Pilkington was growing up, her family had a vermicomposter at their home — a box of dirt and worms into which you can place organic waste — in order to provide a more ecological method of disposal. She

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Earth Common Journal launches new volume on fifth anniversary

Earth Common Journal had its inception several years ago, when MacEwan University faculty member Lucille Mazo was reviewing the many sustainability-themed student assignments she had received over the years. She knew that many of these were of publishable quality but,

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One-man show BOOM hits the stage at Citadel Theatre

Rick Miller’s father was seven years old in April 1945. At that time, he lived in war-torn Vienna, Austria. On the day the Russian army liberated Vienna, he went out to a courtyard, where Russian soldiers asked him for directions

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