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Author: Thai Sirikoone


Final Thoughts: Look to philosophy

Everyone knows things are weird right now. There are Nazis, people who believe the world is flat, and others who just deny science and common knowledge as a whole. Sounds a lot like the world is regressing, doesn’t it? While

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From MacEwan to VICE

Mack Lamoureux is a MacEwan University alumnus who graduated from the Bachelor of Communications program. He has previously worked at CBC, has bylines with a handful of other publications, and currently works for VICE Canada in Toronto. I got a

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A timeless game: World of Warcraft

Battle for Azeroth, the seventh expansion since the game’s release in 2004. Since its debut, World of Warcraft has become a phenomenon in both video games and popular media as a whole — there are even some World of Warcraft-inspired

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Recipe: Mixed greens

Feeling bloated? Don’t like fizzy drinks? Want to enjoy something other than green beer this St. Patrick’s Day? Well, listen up, boy-o, because the griff is here with some fancy, green, and festive cocktails to help you impress your friends

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Edmonton’s brewing golden age

Is there such thing as too much beer? Even if there is, Edmonton has room for more. Thirsty Edmontonians should be pleased to know that the city has many local breweries that offer crisp drinks to help them unwind. As

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Final Thoughts: Video games aren’t niche anymore

Do you know what Shaquille O’Neal and Jennifer Lopez have in common?  They are both listed as investors and advisors for the e-sports team NRG. In 2017, according to a study by SuperData, video games and interactive media generated over

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Edmonton’s electronic boom

Did you know that if you search “festival city of Canada” in Google, the results are about Edmonton? Those who live in the city may not see it as a party destination, but Edmonton is actually a cultural hot spot

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Letterkenny: The new face of Canadian Media

It’s well established that America has a firm monopoly on the world’s media and, because of that, controls a lot of what the world sees, hears, and thinks. It would be difficult to find someone who doesn’t know Hollywood as

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The real horror of Halloween

When did Halloween costumes start to suck so much? Nowadays, it’s tough to choose a funny, unique costume without offending someone. But that’s a good thing, isn’t it? Just like choosing what you believe in and what you say every

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