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Viral food

Over the last few years, short, snappy videos have taken over the internet. Across your Facebook feed and YouTube recommendations are these short videos, which show either a tasty looking snack, a fast meal, or a complicated dessert made easy.

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Insult to injury

Though he refuses to walk across the stage at the convocation ceremony, Ryan McEathron will be graduating from MacEwan university this spring with a bachelor of music in jazz and contemporary popular music, which he earned over the past seven

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Grin and bare it

Just west of Devon, there’s a section of the North Saskatchewan River known as CottonTail Corner. In addition to some lovely views of the water and river valley, one might also see more of fellow beach-goers than usual — CottonTail

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High-Level Line

Next time you’re in the Robbins Health Learning Centre, take the flight of stairs by the colossal windows and climb to the top. Stop. Turn and look out the window. Do you see the big green arch of the Railtown

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Club Q+A

Acupuncture Awareness Society

Can you tell me a little bit about the club, please? Kary Chen: So the Acupuncture Awareness Society used to be named Acupuncture Wellness Movement. It used to be a club/grad committee. Now we want to promote acupuncture and its benefits.

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Date night

Eskimos game

The anticipation thrummed through me and my knees bounced. I looked around the LRT, noticing the crowds. The man sitting opposite us was laughing as he listened to our conversation. Everyone seemed relaxed and chill.  I got down to the

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Revitalization for whom?

Three years after its opening, it seems the dust has settled around Rogers Place. It has not taken long for the arena to establish itself as an integral part of the downtown scene — in spite of the constant construction

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How-To: Change a tire

It’s the stuff that cheap horror film plots are made of.  You’re cruising along when suddenly, you hear a loud noise and your vehicle no longer handles the way it should. You hit your hazard lights, pull over to the

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Club Q+A: Botanical Club

What is your role in the Botanical Club? Brittany Tonsi: I am the president of the MacEwan Botanical Club. I oversee the logistics of the club and make sure that events run smoothly. Nicklas Baran: And I am the secretary.

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