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Study Spot: The Moth Cafe

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Study spot | 0 comments

In search of a night-time study spot that isn’t Starbucks? You’re sure to find what you need, and more, at the Moth. This recently opened café is perfect for those who prefer to get their schoolwork done in the evening. It also happens to have a completely plant-based menu.

The Moth Cafe is the most recent location to provide Edmontonians with fresh, nutritious, and conscientious fare from the Café Mosaics family: Thanh Lu, Khuyen Khuong, and Jillian Khuong. Their previous restaurant is still going strong, but an already extended menu and the limited space of the Whyte Avenue location meant less opportunity for experimentation and menu changes.

When the spot in the Quarters development became available, the family jumped at the opportunity to cater to an upcoming area and diverse demographic. Though many of the same guiding principles from Café Mosaics apply to this location, such as a commitment to reducing the restaurant’s environmental impact, the Moth is nonetheless very much its own place.

For starters, the café keeps it simple when it comes to coffee. Beans are supplied by Seattle-based roaster Kuma Coffee, and though a wealth of non-dairy “mylk” options are available, the coffee menu itself focuses on the basics — no quadruple shot, half-sweet, mocha frappuccinos here.

There’s no need to complicate the caffeination process, least of all when there are so many other beverage options. From root beer kombucha to gin and tonics, tea lattes, and additive elixirs, the Moth offers a whole lot more to drink (and eat) than your standard café.

Having a larger space has also allowed for more gluten-free and raw dishes to make their way onto the menu. But the food and drink aren’t the only thing that make the café unconventional.

For Khuyen, the new space represents more than just the opportunity for culinary exploration. It has allowed her to more deeply consider the many reasons why people come to a restaurant, and she has tried to incorporate these diverse needs into the Moth’s landscape.

For students specifically, this means having an entire row of two-person tables, each with its own electrical outlet, along the back of the café. For those who prefer alternative seating, a raised stage features cushions, blankets, and a hammock chair suspended from the ceiling. The Wi-Fi is free, easy to access, and fast, and the bathrooms are gender-neutral.


Though it has only been open for a few months, the café is particularly busy around brunch time on weekends. Best perhaps to leave the books behind during those hours, but students are encouraged to utilize the space from midday through to evening the rest of the week.


Nothing feels quite as good as rewarding yourself after a solid study session. Reap the benefits of all your hard work with this rich and zesty vegan key lime cheesecake.


Complex yet balanced, this Matcha Maca Moringa latte gives you an extra boost of energy without the nasty caffeine crash. Try it with almond milk, or indulge in creamy coconut milk if your tastes run a little more decadent.  

The Moth Cafe

9949 Jasper Ave

Daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Photography by Emily Campbell and supplied.

Emily Campbell

The Griff


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