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Some books to read during the quarantine

1. Graphic novel: Kelly Sue Deconnick and Emma Rios, Pretty Deadly (vol. 1-3) First published as a collected volume in 2014, Pretty Deadly is a genre-busting narrative hellbent on travelling through time via some of the most intricate art I’ve

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The need to read

In the early days of the pandemic, headlines were liberal in their description of soaring sales. Toilet paper panic buying was, perhaps, as expected as the sudden spike in alcohol and cannabis purchases, but a surge in book sales? Less

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Do we really need six more superheroes​​?

A gruesome birth on the edge of an indoor pool, an English narrator, seven special children, and we have yet another superhero TV show. Where previous superhero movies fulfil your secret superhero dreams, The Umbrella Academy depicts their hard lives.

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Textbooks: the other tuition

Next to tuition, textbooks may very well be the biggest cost of post-secondary education. This is not surprising to anyone, especially not students. The reality is these high costs for books have been a concern for so long that it has

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the griff’s summer reading list

The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo This fictional novel takes a young woman on an adventure through the afterlife to free herself from her fate of being a ghost bride. In her case, she is a living woman who is

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The burden of buying books

There are a lot of reasons some modern university students are choosing not to purchase textbooks. The books are expensive, heavy, and often not used enough in class to justify the purchase, and sometimes the information in them is either

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Free textbooks may be a new reality

There’s always that moment at the start of each semester when you discover the number of required and optional textbooks for each class that you will be attending, and within that moment is the heartbreaking reality of the cost.  

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