CampusBrittany Burridge

The SAMU Building

The SAMU Building, while still under construction, has made varying impressions on students.  Some students say they believe the building is too new to have fully formed judgements, such as Hilary Scott, a first-year taking Bachelor of Arts.  “I like it...

DowntownUncategorizedSofia Varzaru

High-Level Line

Next time you’re in the Robbins Health Learning Centre, take the flight of stairs by the colossal windows and climb to the top. Stop. Turn and look out the window. Do you see the big green arch of the Railtown Park, nestled between Best Buy and Tim Hortons? Did you...

CampusTim Rauf

Closed passage

As part of the construction process for the new Students’ Association of MacEwan University (SAMU) building at MacEwan University’s City Centre Campus, certain areas of the school will be temporarily shut down in the coming months. Among the areas that will be...

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