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Get in the Game

Last year was a strange time for video games. The global industry seemed caught in the beginnings of its own #MeToo movement, where toxic work culture, inappropriate behaviours, and poor business practices were suddenly being called to light. Many of these

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Game review: Red Dead Redemption 2

Late into October 2018, my partner purchased the much-anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). Having grown up in a household where video games were banned, I never really got into them as an adult, but my partner’s excitement over this

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A timeless game: World of Warcraft

Battle for Azeroth, the seventh expansion since the game’s release in 2004. Since its debut, World of Warcraft has become a phenomenon in both video games and popular media as a whole — there are even some World of Warcraft-inspired

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Final Thoughts: Video games aren’t niche anymore

Do you know what Shaquille O’Neal and Jennifer Lopez have in common?  They are both listed as investors and advisors for the e-sports team NRG. In 2017, according to a study by SuperData, video games and interactive media generated over

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What’s missing from MacEwan?

More microwaves, please We need some microwaves. Most students can’t afford to eat at the school cafeteria every day. Cafeteria food is pretty much just a treat. Think about it: a slice of pizza from the Pizza 73 in Building

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