How-toIshita Verma

How-to: compost

As spring approaches so does the feeling of being greener, or in this case, muddier. Composting is the simplest and the most useful way to reduce household waste, and the resulting soil conditioner will add nutrients to your plants. A good compost has the perfect...

LifestyleNatalie Cloutier


It’s been an interesting week for MacEwan University students. Within the span of a few days, we went from coming into class and piling into the library to study, to handing in the rest of our assignments online. There’s no in-person contact with other peers and...

LifestyleClaudia Steele

Your credit at a glance

Most students start adult life with student loans. These loans are given to them with a great deal of ease considering their lack of credit history. Of course, student loans are significantly easier to get approved for than other loans due in part to the fact that...

How-toEmily Campbell

How-to: Deal with Bedbugs

Wherever you go, they’ll be there. You might meet them on the bus, in a hotel room, even when travelling by airplane. They’ll come home with you uninvited, and are almost impossible to get rid of once they’ve moved in. Expensive and inconvenient don’t even cover it...

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