CultureLifestyleKatie Hooge

The world on demand

Since our global pandemic began, movie theatres have closed down and countless films have been put on pause and postponed. However, not all decided to hold off releasing during COVID. Universal’s Trolls: The World Tour opted to roll with the punches and debuted to...

CultureTim Rauf

Everybody’s a critic

The position of the trusted tastemaker in deciding whether films are quality material or mindless drivel is one that is slowly but surely collapsing across the board. Or rather, it’s the position of the sole tastemaker that is becoming muted against countless,...

CultureParvin Sedighi

A gem hidden in plain sight

The room erupts in occasional laughter when the acting on the screen gets too melodramatic for even the most composed of the audience. It’s Friday night, and about 100 Edmontonians have gathered at the Garneau Theatre for a screening of the 1946 adaptation of...

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