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Glow Edmonton 2019

This year I attended Edmonton’s “Glow” event for the first time. It was absolutely magical. I went with four of my closest friends, and we had an incredible time exploring the different light displays. The displays were beautiful and more captivating than I was...

EventsFeaturesBen Hollihan

Blind exploration

To many, the world of photography may feel like a vast, inaccessible maze of aperture depth, lighting rules, and outrageously expensive equipment. The Pecha Kucha Inspiration Night at the Metro Cinema in Garneau, held on Feb. 12, sought to pull back the curtain on...

PeopleTim Rauf

Snapshot connection

Our early years are characterized by a constant need for something to keep the mind busy. Whether playing video games or sports, or practicing an instrument, hobbies are an important part of young folks’ lives. In a lot of cases, though, kids simply don’t have...

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