CampusLydia Fleming

A student hub

Environmentally friendly, natural light, a moss wall, and a welcoming atmosphere. After 12 years of planning, the Students’ Association of MacEwan University (SAMU) broke ground on their new building last year.   Many of the final details are being decided and...

CampusKateryna Didukh

Club Q+A: Economics Club

When did you decide to start the Economics Club? Sean Thomas: The club started two years ago, but it was very preliminary, and we only had one speaker event. A lot of us had the same class together on economic issues, and we got excited about this idea. How was the...

CampusShaela Dansereau

Club Q+A: Hip Hop Club

When did you decide to begin a hip hop club at MacEwan? Quinton Wong: The club was started in 2015, so two years ago. The club was only 24 people to start with, but it doubled last year. It gathered a lot of interest over the summer, and we hope to have more...

CampusHamdi Issawi

Active participation

Two years ago, Amorena Bartlett sat outside of Griffins Landing for a meet-and-greet with students’ council candidates. The fall election was a week away, and she had stopped by to get a sense of her options. That afternoon, she walked away with no new information....

CampusEmily Ireland

Showing off homegrown talent

For those who have wandered the halls of MacEwan’s CFAC building, the talent that it harbours is no secret. But for students who find themselves confined to the City Centre Campus, MacEwan’s music program may remain somewhat of an unknown. Understanding the need to...

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