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Battle of the bands: MacEwan edition

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SAMU’s Music Showdown was held in Thrift Shop on Friday and the atmosphere was great — everybody was eager to hear the music, and all of the acts were very talented. Thrift Shop itself had its grand opening back in November of 2018, giving the young musicians a new place to mark their territory. The neon sign that hangs over the front entrance invites visitors into a fun environment, and the staff were all very friendly.

There were three acts that performed on Friday: Cypress, David Unsworth, and Laundry Week. They each had different sounds and energies and delivered some excellent original songs. There were a few covers of songs throughout the night to ensure audience involvement, making the experience all the more enjoyable. The judges were not given an easy task when deciding who would take home first place.

Ultimately, David Unsworth was rewarded with first place, Cypress following in second place, and Laundry Week received third.

David Unsworth said that his next show will be at Two Sergeants Brewing at 8 p.m. on Saturday, April 20. He is a one-man band and very talented with his loop machine; the crowd completely enjoyed his guitar playing and impressive voice. There was no question that he belonged up there, and he held the attention of everybody throughout his entire performance. Unsworth, although alone, knew how to take up the stage with his fun personality.

Andrea Shipka, the lead singer of Cypress, says that the band will be on Spotify at the end of May. Cypress sounded amazing together; their bond was evident on stage despite only being together for a little over a year. They even got everybody to sit down near the beginning of the show, which was very fun and original. Their fun indie vibe will be a must-have on many people’s Spotify playlists.

Laundry Week was great with the audience and very fun to watch. Their energy did not waver once throughout the night, which was very impressive because all of the members put forth powerful performances. Their talent and familiarity with their instruments are undeniable and the crowd absolutely loved them. While onstage, they revealed that they were aiming to release new music in June or July. Keep an eye out, because their music is catchy and great to listen to.

All of these bands will definitely be worth keeping tabs on. Not only are they all talented, but they also display an impressive commitment to their work. Make sure to support these MacEwan artists — they did the school proud on Friday.

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