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Things to do over the summer

High-Level Streetcar The lone streetcar that ambles back-and-forth across the High-Level Bridge is more like part of Edmonton’s backdrop than something you do. You’ve seen it, and there are always people on it, but nobody you know has ever suggested

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Student Travels

It’s March and, let’s face it, who doesn’t need some time off to clear their head? There is no break in sight and the countdown until the winter term is over seems to be taking forever. If this is how you feel,

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Whenever the word vacation comes up, images of great adventures or relaxing on a beach are likely to be at the forefront of our thoughts. However, this is not the case for everyone. In fact, have you ever returned from

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How-to: Travel solo as a student

#When I first started travelling solo, the whole idea of navigating a city with only my backpack and brains scared me senseless. But as soon as my feet landed in vibrant Naples, my fears slowly began to disappear. Before I

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