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Hitting Close to Home

Tucked into a quiet industrial park in the south-east corner of Edmonton, there is one dingy warehouse that does not house industrial goods as it was likely originally intended to. Rather, most of the space is taken up by a full-sized wrestling ring — stuffed into...

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Dark Knits Boutique

Local fashion designer Nikki Ewing opened Dark Knits Boutique in 2006 and is located in Callingwood, near West Edmonton Mall. The studio specializes in custom corsetry, or the art of corset making, and has since branched into bridal, costumes, and...

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Creative Spotlight

Lauren Crazybull is a local Blackfoot/Dene visual artist who is known as a mentor for at-risk youth in the Edmonton community. Through her artwork, Crazybull conveys the complexities of living as an Indigenous woman through visual representation. In 2019, she was...

CampusCulturePeopleMilo Knauer

Creative Spotlight

Halie Finney is an emerging Métis artist currently based in Edmonton. She received her degree from the Alberta University of Art and Design in 2017 where she majored in drawing. She also graduated from MacEwan University in 2014 with a diploma in fine arts. Born...

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