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Day: March 18, 2019


Final Thoughts: Nurture over nature

Thanks to a political science class and some extensive back and forth conversations (debates, if you will), I have been thinking a lot about the role communities play in shaping humanity. It all started when I read some pieces by

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The background of Saint Patrick’s Day is an interesting one. The story that Saint Patrick came to Ireland to drive out all the snakes is actually a metaphor used by the Catholic Church. Saint Patrick came to Ireland to convert

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Safe substance use

It has been a year since two supervised consumption sites opened in Edmonton at Boyle Street Community Services and the George Spady Centre. These two sites were quickly followed by the opening of two more at the Royal Alexandra Hospital

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Dimensions of design

Edmonton is known for its mind-numbing, post-apocalyptic winters, but what’s not so directly acknowledged is the creative culture that is blossoming under the salt and snow. The city has become a haven for creators due to the fact that many

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