Club Q&A Series: Gamers Association

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What is your name and role in the group?

My name is Shawn, and I am the president of the club.

What is the Gamers Association?

The Gamers Association is just that: a group where gamers can get together on campus to enjoy our hobby in a team-based environment. We try to include all forms of gaming, from tabletop to hardcore console and PC games.

Why did the club change its name from the League of Legends Club to Gamers Association?

This was a decision made late last year, when we looked at what we were doing as a club. Although we originally came together as a group of people who play League of Legends, we found that we had moved on from just playing League to playing almost any game in the book. We needed to change our name to match the new array of games we played. The decision to change the name was made even easier when it was decided that the comic book and games club would be merging with us.

Is there still a strong emphasis on League of Legends in the club?

A lot of our members still play League, but a lot have also transitioned into other games. I would say that League has fallen to the third or fourth most-played game within the club, and that comes from a mix of less members playing and a large growth in new members who have never played League.

What are some of the things the Gamers Association offers students?

We offer students a daily place to come and relax with some game playing. If you need somewhere for your hobby, or someone else to play with, we are the people you are looking for. We have a small collection of our own games so that people need not always bring their own, and with how active we are, there is always someone around to play a game or two with you, no matter what that game may be.

MacEwan has two dedicated video game clubs: The Video Game Club and you guys. What differentiates the two clubs?

There are actually three dedicated gaming clubs. The three different clubs have all been working together this year to provide a top-end gaming experience for those who want it, but to answer your question, each club still has its own focus.

In the Gaming Association (GAMU), we focus more on the casual, everyday gaming. Our gatherings and events are less competitive and more about just having a good time. We gather mostly during the 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. hours, which is really where we stand out from the other two.

The Video Game Club exists around a single weekly meeting on Thursdays. Their focus is 100 per cent on video games, whereas GAMU’s is more on all games.

There is also one more video game club, and that’s the MacEwan E-Sports Club. It’s new this year, and it’s the polar opposite of GAMU. Their entire focus is on major events, competitions and competitive play.

What kind of events and meetings does your club plan?

For the most part, our meetings are more of a casual get-together throughout the week, but we do have one day a week when we get together after classes and just go all out. That is our Monday night meeting, and it’s in Room 6-344 from 4 p.m. until the university closes. The Video Game Club meets on Thursdays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Room 6-238.

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