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Batman has the bat signal. The Fantastic Four has flare guns. MacEwan University has academic probation emails. With the winter semester in full swing, some MacEwan students are getting a sign to change their work habits. 

Academic Probation is a warning from the University that you have fallen below good academic standing and are at risk of being disqualified from the university. A student falls below good academic standing when they have an ASGPA (Academic Standing Grade Point Average) of less than 2.0 and above 1.3 after “attempting a minimum of 18 credits within a standard academic year,” detailed by MacEwan Universities’ Academic Standing Policy. If the ASGPA is below 1.3, after administrative review, the student may be required to withdraw from the University. 

A student can get off of academic probation if they can raise their ASGPA to a minimum of 2.0 within the next 18 attempted credits. MacEwan University offers several academic programs that can assist with academic and personal hardships to assist in keeping the academic probation flag off your transcript, such as the Math and Stats Learning Center, The Writing Center, Wellness and Psychological Services, and Exam Services Center. 

The most important thing to remember if you receive one of these letters is it is not the end of your academic career here. It signifies that you need to explore helpful options, look for guidance, or even take a break. With all the helpful options MacEwan has to offer, there is always a place for you to go to achieve your goals.

Leanna Bressan

The Griff


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