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Artwork Factory spectacle

by | Nov 17, 2023 | Campus, Creative | 0 comments

Lively, friendly, sensational; These are just a few of the words that came to mind while attending the Artworks Factory pop-up event. This event was only possible because of the sociable event coordinator, Macey Edem Nortey and the lovely artists.

During my time at the event, I got the privilege to interview six amazingly artistic individuals. But, there are four people in particular that I want to highlight. I asked all of the interviewees the following question: “Who or what inspires you?” We’ll start with the two cross stitchers: Kate Walker who is a second-year student in arts and cultural management, as well as Hannah Brindza who is a former music student pursuing  nursing studies.. 

Walker’s inspiration is her Oma, Nora Corbett. Walker’s Oma actually published some patterns for cross-stitching in a book titled Mirabilia. Walker told me that the first time she picked up cross-stitching was when her Oma had gotten up to go to the bathroom. When her Oma wasn’t there to supervise,  she took on her Oma’s cross-stitching piece and finished it for her. Walker said she hasn’t stopped cross-stitching since then. 

As for Brindza, she says, “I like making gifts for other people, that’s . . . what I do.” Brindza says that she’s inspired by the people in her life.

Marea Fernanda is a first-year international student at MacEwan who is hoping to get into the art program. Fernanda’s Mexican culture inspires much of her paintings. She says that her culture reflects the person that she is and that it is reflected in her gouache and acrylic paintings. 

Sean Harper is a third-year student who gets his inspiration from his mom and his love for music. His inspiration is mirrored in his chaotic — but good —doodles. His carefree attitude is shown in his work as well. Harper left me with a very short but very wise piece of advice that I would love to share with all readers. “Nothing has meaning. Enjoy yourself,” says Harper. 

If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending SAMU’s Artworks Factory, then I highly suggest that you do! It’s an amazing atmosphere with  down-to-earth and creative people. 

Caleigh Anderson

The Griff


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