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Author: Austin Schuster


The stupidity of the Walterdale Bridge protest

Climate change is real, but the bridge protest that took place on the morning of Monday, Oct. 7 was an ill-conceived failure done by people who clearly aren’t bold enough to bring their activism to people who actually matter in

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A late-night sit-down with Stephen Mandel

Alberta is changing — and former mayor of Edmonton Stephen Mandel has kept the younger generation in mind with his plan for the province’s changing political and economic landscapes. On Monday, Jan. 29, students at MacEwan University heard Mandel’s plan

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Edmonton cult brings spooky stories to life

Oftentimes when people hear the word “cult,” images of a dilapidated basement come to mind, perhaps with a collection of wild-eyed fanatics chanting a cryptic hymn. Underground movements and bizarre ideologies are a few of the things we associate with

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