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Author: Courtney Bettin


Food for thought

  People have always had a complex relationship with food. Today, food is usually consumed in between classes, while running from one meeting to the next, or when driving home from a long day. We may not even think about

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How-to: Write a cover letter

As classes finish up, you may find yourself scrambling to find a suitable summer job that pays well, gives you plenty of time off for music festivals, and is hopefully at least mildly interesting. Applying for jobs can be a

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How-to: File your taxes

Prepare yourself for the experience of being a true adult: after you read this article, you will be able to confidently file your own taxes. According to the Government of Canada’s website, here are the steps for correctly filing your

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Going green at MacEwan University

As July approaches, many Canadians are starting to think about the impending cannabis legislation and how it will shape our society. Universities are no different, and as the date of implementation nears, the discussion is becoming louder regarding what changes

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Their rightful voice

When people think about a transgender individual’s transition, they often think about the physical aspects. Clothing, hair, hormones, and even surgery in some cases are all changes that can be seen as someone redefines themself. But one crucial factor that

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Climbing down the ivory tower

Science has long been called an “ivory tower,” a discipline that you either have the knack for or don’t. With myriad concepts and terminology coming with the territory, the world of science can seem intimidating. But with technology rapidly changing

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Footing the bill for parking

With Allard Hall finally open, hundreds of students from the Centre for the Arts and Communications (CFAC) have made their way into the downtown core. While connecting students brings opportunities for the university, it puts a strain on one commodity

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Date night: corn maze

There isn’t a more quintessential fall activity than heading to a corn maze on a crisp Saturday afternoon. With several mazes in the Edmonton area, you’ll be able to get your fill before snow hits the ground. North of the

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Design Student’s Organization

  What is the Design Students Organization, or DSO? Our goal is to get design students from all years working together on common projects as well as connecting to the design industry in Edmonton. Who can join the club? Right

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Digging up Edmonton’s past

Archaeology may be, for many, a term primarily associated with faraway places. Egyptian mummies, ancient ruins, and dinosaur bones might come to mind. But this summer the digging was in Edmonton’s backyard, and MacEwan University students got to be a

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