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Author: Hamdi Issawi


Date night: A downtown date in three acts

It’s February. If you don’t know what this month means for your love life, then you need more help than I can give you in the next few minutes (need a hint? Flip ahead a few pages. Got it? Good.

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Study spot: Coffee Bureau

On April 7, 1952, a full-page ad in Life magazine changed the way people think about their workdays. The ad featured photos of men and women taking a few minutes out of their day to enjoy a hot cup of

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Final Thoughts: What’s in our names?

For a city that’s constantly on the verge of defining itself, things aren’t getting any clearer. Spurred by the violence in Charlottesville, an anti-racism rally at the Alberta Legislature in August saw protesters calling on the City of Edmonton to

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A new hand at the helm

“It’s a new day — absolutely a new day,” says Michelle Plouffe, MacEwan University’s vice-president, general counsel, and compliance officer. “I’m just tickled.” That day dawned on July 1 when Deborah Saucier began her term as MacEwan’s fifth president, filling

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Active participation

Two years ago, Amorena Bartlett sat outside of Griffins Landing for a meet-and-greet with students’ council candidates. The fall election was a week away, and she had stopped by to get a sense of her options. That afternoon, she walked

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The Chvrch of John is a musical sanctuary

The Chvrch (read: church) of John, Edmonton’s latest arts and music venue, opened to the masses on Jan. 22, adding a little culture into the city’s up-and-coming Ice District. Located in the basement of the Grand Hotel on 102 Avenue

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