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Author: Marc Kitteringham

tea leaves

The reading

The door jingled as we walked in. We were greeted by a bright-pink poster featuring Polaroid photos of past fortune recipients and a description of the kinds of fortune telling offered at the Russian Tea Room. We were shown to

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Wellness: a buzzword?

I think about wellness very infrequently. I don’t wake up in the morning and think about how to live my life in a more fulfilling way. I don’t make decisions based on some expert’s advice. I don’t choose to live

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Final Thoughts: Holidays are about people, not stuff

With November comes the beginning of the holiday shopping season. For students, it is often a time of wondering how the hell they are going to be able to pay for their gifts. We’re all probably accustomed to the pressure

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A way of life

Your alarm goes off for the third time. You’re officially running late. You hurry through your morning routine, cursing the snooze button and cramming your face full of toast as you dress. You don’t know when the bus will come,

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