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Club Q+A: Feminists of MacEwan

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Club Q+A | 0 comments

What is feminism?

TQ: Feminism is an intersectional movement which aims to address as much oppression as possible, with the goal of being equitable, so it’s not just about gender. When we say intersectional, we are also observing how discrimination can be compounded by race, class, ability, among other things.

RH: Feminism is also the understanding that things are not equal yet. It is the understanding that a lot of people still do not have the same liberties as others. It focuses on inequalities that women, people of colour, people with disabilities, socioeconomic status, and many other marginalized groups of people, still face.

What inspired the creation of this club?

RH: This club was something that I really looked forward to joining in my first year, then when I got here, I realized this club didn’t exist anymore, which is what inspired me to restart it.

What is the club?

RH: What isn’t this club? This club is a great way to meet new people, and it is a way to feel safe and at home on campus.
KL: This club is also a group of like-minded individuals who gather and have constructive discourse, educate each other, and have feminist fun in a safe space on campus.

What are some of the upcoming initiatives that you have planned?

TQ: We are going to start with education initiatives around campus because that is a lot of where awareness comes from. After that, we will promote events, games, keynote speakers, community days, activism days, direct action, and volunteering opportunities. We are also planning some exciting collaborations with other clubs around the university as well.
RH: If people are looking to get involved in the club and our initiatives, they should follow our social media. Follow us on Instagram @feministsatmu and like us on Facebook, Feminists at MacEwan.

Who can join?

RH: Anyone can join, so long as they do not promote the oppression of marginalized and oppressed people within society.
KL: Anyone with an open mind.
TQ: Anyone with a willingness to learn.

What makes the club unique?

RH: This club is unique because we are not set in a hierarchy. Anyone who is a part of the club has the opportunity to transform their club experience into whatever they want without being an executive. If someone comes to us with a cool initiative they want to do, we will try and make it happen.
TQ: What also makes this club unique is that the members all bring unique experiences and passions to the table. It’s not just a matter of having a shared interest, it’s also a matter of having the same drive for advocating for human rights.

Why is it important that this club exists?

RH: It’s important this club exists because the world could use a lot more feminism. This campus could use a bit more feminism.
TQ: It is important that this club exists to bring awareness to issues, while uplifting voices that aren’t heard. There isn’t equality unless there is equality for all.
KL: And as far as we have come, we haven’t come far enough.

Is there anything else you would like students to know about Feminists at MacEwan?

TQ: We don’t claim to be the authorities on anyone else’s feminism, and you don’t have to know anything about feminism to join either.
RH: We’re fun, take my word for it.
KL: And sometimes there are snacks. 

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