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Local Edmonton singer, Jess Stokes, felt a connection with music from an early age. She began singing first and progressed to playing the guitar and piano in high school. Stokes sings a variety of genres depending on the event but majored in contemporary popular and jazz music during her time at MacEwan University. She believes that music has the ability to resonate deeply with people for a good cause. “For me, I love being a part of that joy, inspiration, emotion or whatever it may be. I get to sell people an experience and have fun while doing it.”

Currently, Stokes has taken a step back from music to focus more on her lyrics and is taking some time for self-reflection. For Stokes, lyrics are what the audience can really relate to, from love, relationships, and partying to emotional life events and political statements. Music allows the audience to have a deep personal experience — music has the ability to bring forward emotions that evolve in the duration of the song. “Sometimes the best lyrics come out by taking a second to reflect on life and what I have learned and what I have left to learn,” she says.

A true artist, Stokes thrives off of the energy of her audience. “Music makes my soul alive, there is music for every occasion.”

Stokes performs as a vocalist with The 9s regularly at the Rec Room in West Edmonton Mall.

Ishita Verma

The Griff


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