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How do these chairs they compare to one another

After cruising around the MacEwan campus, we’ve settled on 10 chairs that you should know about, whether that be for a good or bad reason. Take a gander through the list and find your next study spot!

#1 Best → #10 Worst

Rating system:

Comfort: /10

Environment: /10

Chair aesthetic: /10

Outlet: (bonus point) +1

Total score: /30

#1 “I.S.S. — International Study Station” 

The caress from the I.S.S. left us wanting more. But, she’s a high-priority woman — everyone wants to have her, and every chair wants to be her. Tucked in a corridor on the second floor of Building 7, the environment surrounding these booths provides a perfect and quiet study station. With both a prime location and comfort galore, all we can say is, good luck trying to get her alone.

Comfort: 10/10

Environment: 9/10

Chair aesthetic: 9/10

Outlet: +1

Total score: 29/30

#2 “The Jungle Nook”

It’s a race against the clock (and every other student) to get her attention. Being in a one-of-a-kind section has its perks, but the chair itself? She’s like every other girl in the library. But, don’t get me wrong, these chairs are a LOT more comfortable than they appear. The thing that boosts this queen to second place is the plants — it makes you feel like you aren’t smack dab in the middle of downtown, but  in the comfort of the “Jungle Nook”! Just don’t look out the window at the never-ending construction…

Comfort: 7/10

Environment: 10/10

Chair aesthetic: 8/10

Outlet: 0

Total score: 25/30

#3 “Stool-ella Deville”

At first glance, this stool is like its namesake: cold, uninviting, and a little crazy. And yet, there is a hidden brilliance to “Stool-ella Deville.” One second on her, and your posture is infinitely better. With outlets in front of each stool, space for your coffee and computer, and greenery to provide the illusion of a nice view (just ignore the construction outside), she is the most obvious and fashionable choice. You could sit here for hours and never even notice, but your back will notice and  thank you. 

Comfort: 8/10

Environment: 9/10

Chair aesthetic: 6/10

Outlet: +1

Total score: 24/30

#4 “Social Shirley (Temple)” 

“Social Shirley” is the IT girl (booth side in particular). With outlets under each table, this girl lets you get a bite to eat and a drink (shoutout to Jill) while letting you study or socialize! She’s a great spot, but good luck seeing your screen or friends when the sun is out. We just wish this girl was a booth on both sides, but she’s an icon and we have to recognize that.

Comfort: 7/10

Environment: 8/10

Chair aesthetic: 6/10

Outlet: +1

Total score: 22/30

#5 “MU: MacEwan Monsters University” 

When we see these Mike and Sully lookalikes, all we can think is, “I wouldn’t have nothing if I didn’t have you.” And yet, it isn’t often that we have them since they become filled within the first hour of the day. But, if you’re still hanging around campus in the evening and feel like being serenaded by whoever is doing vocal warmups in the hall, go do it while enjoying the comfort of these guys. Settle in, lean back, count the leaves, and let yourself be transported into the world of music. 

Comfort: 8/10

Environment: 8/10

Chair aesthetic: 5/10

Outlet: +1

Total score: 21/10

#6 “Jack and the Giant Step”

Open windows, outlets at nearly every step, and a numb butt is what “Jack and the Giant Step” has to offer. I was pretty optimistic about the spacious staircase accompanied by the SAMU ambiance, especially considering how it’s always occupied.  But, my optimism was unwarranted. At the end of the day Jack and the Giant Step was one small step for man, and one giant step for MacEwan students.  

Comfort: 2/10

Environment: 6/10

Chair aesthetic: 4/10

Outlet: +1

Total score: 12/30

#7 “The Rolie Polie Olie”

Voluntarily choosing this stool out of any chair in the library is an absolutely insane decision. The “Rolie Polie Olie” forces you to have your knees above your chest with the nearest wall (or concrete pole) as a backrest. Those same knees have to work as a table to balance your laptop on. All of this effort to sit on an uncomfortable stool a couple of inches off the ground… yet, this still isn’t the worst of the worst.

Comfort: 4/10

Environment: 5/10

Chair aesthetic: 1/10

Outlet: 0

Total score: 10/30

#8 “Bloody Mary”

In the backrooms of the third floor of Building 6, you may stumble into the haunting “Bloody Mary.” When we sat in this chair, we waited to be pulled through the mirror into another realm. Even though the setting is straight out of an early 2000s horror movie, the chair itself is pretty comfortable! But, we recommend you find it. Or, it will find you. 

Comfort: 6/10

Environment: 1/10

Chair aesthetic: 2/10

Outlet: 0

Total score: 9/30

#9 “Game of (Stone) Thrones”

Nestled between Buildings 5 and 6 lay these twin thrones. They may not be made of swords, but they are just as uncomfortable. Sure, it’s good for some fresh air when the walk between buildings seems too daunting, but it’s even better for awkwardly conversing with friends from a distance. Who will win the “Game of (Stone) Thrones” and rule over the kingdom of unhealthy caffeine intake and midterm anxiety? 

Comfort: 1/10

Environment: 3/10

Chair aesthetic: 2/10

Outlet: 0

Total score: 5/30

#10 “SAW: The Final Boss”

The only positive to this absolute death trap is the outlet right in front of you. “SAW: The Final Boss” teeters between being social in the Building 6 cafeteria and silent studying. You end up in a loud place trying to get work done on a ledge of a table while being distracted by the allure of food. The seat itself feels like someone lathered it in oil with the intended purpose of making you slide off. Proper posture is a myth on this thing and the environment is miserable. I have zero clue as to why this section is always shoulder-to-shoulder packed; I would rather go chill with “Bloody Mary.”

Comfort: 0/10

Environment: 1/10

Chair aesthetic: 0/10

Outlet: +1

Total score: 2/30

Photos by Sam Poier

Nour Ihsene Salhi

The Griff


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