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Five fall movies to binge

by | Sep 29, 2022 | Campus, Opinions | 0 comments

I don’t know what makes the fall season so unique; it could be the leaves falling, the golden tint that flows through the air, or the beginning of the semester, but the fall season is best known for comforting — and sometimes haunting — classic movies. There’s no better way to get into the fall spirit than by grabbing your popcorn, cozy PJs, and your closest friends to binge-watch my top five picks for fall flicks.

  1. Dead Poets Society 

If the back-to-school season isn’t your thing, check out this flick that will give you the strength to pursue your dreams and seize the day! Follow along as four young school boys meet their new English teacher, who tells them of the Dead Poet’s Society. In this film, each boy learns their true passion and to stand against the status quo. 

  1. Hocus Pocus

This classic Halloween movie follows a young boy’s move to the haunted town of Salem, MA. The boy — Max — along with his younger sister and new friend, Allison, unleashes three witches seeking immortality from their slumber. Max’s task: steal the magic spellbook and prevent the witches from achieving their wicked goal. 

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas

Have you ever thought about switching up your Halloween tradition? Take some lessons from Jack Skellington, The King of Halloween Town. A walk through the forest leads him to Christmas Town, where an exciting idea engulfs him. Jack steals the idea of Christmas and brings it to his town of Halloween. What could go wrong? 

  1. Misery 

Kathy Bates performs like no other in this film as a former nurse, Annie Wilkes, who finds her favorite author stranded in the snow after a car crash. She is portrayed as an ordinary individual until the author reveals a bombshell about his new — and final — book. This pushes Annie over the edge, committing acts of violence and controlling his every will, forcing him to shape the novel into her warped fantasy. 

  1. Stuck In Love 

A film for the hopeless romantic comes in the form of Stuck in Love. The story follows a family of writers, realists, and disheartened souls as they explore new relationships, familiar heartaches, and old flames. Each family member experiences a different shade of love that will leave your heart full and your eyes watery.

Bonus: If movies aren’t your thing, the Gilmore Girls series will give you the perfect mix of fast-talking witty remarks and addicting drama that will leave you wanting more. The only thing left to do is grab more popcorn. 

Leanna Bressan

The Griff


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