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Happy home graduation

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Whether you’re graduating from high school or graduating from years of university, it likely wasn’t the ending you expected. Ceremonies and formal celebrations have been cancelled due to COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still commemorate all your hard work and years of achievement from home. After all, you’ve come this far. Here are five different ideas for how to still make a special day for yourself or a graduate you know.

  1. Organize a drive-by parade

One fun way people have been celebrating various occasions during COVID is by organizing home parades when friends and family can drive by outside your home (or any set location) while saying hello, honking, and cheering you on. You can decorate your yard or guests can decorate their cars. Just set a time and text all your close friends and family to drive by!

  1. Host a backyard celebration

Large formal graduation celebrations have been cancelled, but you can still throw a small party with your family and close friends. Dress up, decorate, have a bbq or fire, order your favorite takeout, buy a cake — whatever will make the day feel special. Please refer to the Government of Alberta website for more detailed information on gatherings. 

  1. Put on your grad outfit and have a photoshoot

Maybe you already purchased an outfit for your graduation or commencement and now it’s just sitting around unused. Put on your dress, suit, or cap and gown and take some photos to celebrate. You can even visit your high school, university campus, or the Legislative Grounds and take photos outside. Capture the milestone anywhere you want!

  1. Have a virtual celebration

You may not be able to see the people you wanted to celebrate with in person, but you can still plan a night and celebrate virtually using apps like Zoom, FaceTime or Google Hangouts. You can share stories and toast to the finish of a big chapter of your life.

  1. Take a trip down memory lane

Look back through your camera roll, Instagram, and SnapChat memories at all the different moments you captured throughout your years in high school or university. Maybe print some off for an album or frame, send them to friends, or post them online to commemorate the memories made along the way.

“I believe that celebrating graduation is more important because of the circumstances,” says John Beke, assistant registrar at MacEwan University. “Graduating with a university credential is a significant achievement and a life event. Students have dedicated years of their lives to reach this milestone. At a time where students cannot gather in large groups, it is still important to celebrate with peers, family, and the university community. Congratulations to all the Spring 2020 Graduates!”

The university just announced their Curbside Convocation, where each member of the Spring Class of 2020 will be mailed a package with items to help celebrate graduation from home. The package will include the students’ parchment, mortarboard and tassel, honour cord and Indigenous stole (if applicable), an alumni gift, and several other fun items. More details can be found on MacEwan’s website.  

Katie Hooge

The Griff


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