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Looking at the bright side

by | Mar 29, 2020 | Lifestyle | 0 comments

Who has a newfound appreciation and respect for stay-at-home moms right now? The news is full of all stories COVID-19 and everyone is aware of the situation. Everybody has been affected in some way: students are unable to go to class in person, and the majority of individuals have either been laid off or asked to work from home. Of course, staying home is more difficult for some than others. Everybody has different living conditions, but there are a few perks that come with working from home. In stressful times like this, we have to look on the bright side as often as we can. 

1. For starters, you can work in comfy clothes or pyjamas with blankets around your shoulders. There is no pressure to wear makeup, do your hair, or look presentable if you don’t want to.

2. Without the commute to school or work, you can let yourself sleep in a little bit. If you’re feeling motivated, you can wake up at the same time and get even more done with your day. You won’t have to spend money on gas, you won’t have to deal with the bus, and you don’t have to walk outside in the windy cold weather unless you want to go for a walk.

3. Have you ever wondered what your pets do during the day? You’ll never have to ask that question again because you’ll be there to witness their shenanigans. You’ll also get more time with your children and never have to worry about missing the little milestones. 

4. If you need a break from your work but don’t feel like sitting down and watching TV, you can do little chores that will make your house more enjoyable to be in: fold a pile of laundry, wash that pile of dishes, tidy your room and revel in your organized space. 

5. When you are working at your job or class, you can get in trouble for chatting with friends or coworkers and getting sidetracked. From home, you can FaceTime while you work and maybe even have a glass of wine or can of beer together. 

6. Sitting at the same desk in the same chair all day can be very uncomfortable. From home, you can sit in your favourite spot and get your work done. You can move around so that you don’t get stir crazy in one area. 

7. Thinking of what to pack for lunch can honestly take quite a bit of time and effort. When you work from home, you don’t have to plan ahead. Nobody will have to deal with sharing microwaves with others that leave messes inside, and nobody will have to use disposable plastic containers and bags which is a big win for the environment.

8. Instead of working from the hours of 9 to 5, you might have more control over your hours. In regard to classes, some are posting notes rather than hosting online lectures, so you can read those at your leisure and maybe it will be easier to absorb the material. 

When regular life resumes and everyone is able to go back to their usual routines, maybe we will enjoy being stuck at the office or stuck in class. Maybe we should try to enjoy the time at home while we have no choice but to stay there.

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Brittany Burridge

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