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MacEwan University’s executive committee election: the (early) results are in!

by | Mar 17, 2023 | Campus | 0 comments

MacEwan University’s executive committee (EC) advocates for inclusive, engaging, and affordable student life on campus. On the afternoon of March 16, SAMU’s unofficial results showed that 2,173 out of 14,325 eligible students voted, making for a turnout of 15.2 per cent.

The results of the elected executive committee members, barring anyone initiating an appeal, are:

Gabriel Ambutong — President 

With 1571 votes for, and 175 votes against, Ambutong will act as the dominant student voice, sit on the board of governance, and represent the general face of SAMU.

Stephan Vasquez — Vice President of Academic

Vasquez has not only beat Nathan Poon this year with 1149 votes to Poon’s 727, but has also been reelected, and will be the most senior member on the executive committee. They will also work internally with MacEwan, aid students in getting connected with committees, and work on programs that relate to academic student needs. 

Ismaeel El-Hakim — Vice President of External

Beating Jakob Cardinal by 74 votes, El-Hakim received a total of 875 votes, and will be in charge of working with governmental bodies, as well as advocating for students outside of the university. 

Joseph A. La Torre — Vice President of Operations and Finance

La Torre, who received 1573 “yes” votes and 134 “no” votes, will oversee student benefits and finances for SAMU, and help to create policies alongside the student council.

Cierra Jacobs — Vice President of Student Life

Jacobs defeated Inder Singh by just 48 votes, with a total of 927, and will now be the only EC member who identifies as a woman. Her role will be to improve life on campus and act as a catalyst for student issues.

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