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MacEwan’s associate vice-president leaves for U of A

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Tim Tang resigns

Tim Tang, the associate vice-president of students at MacEwan, has resigned from his role and will return to the University of Alberta to take on an equivalent position with the same title. Tang has been with MacEwan for two years and oversaw a myriad of administrative responsibilities related to student experience and wellness.

MacEwan confirmed with the Griff that Chandelle Rimmer, the associate dean for student engagement and success will be taking over the position in the interim. The university will also conduct a national search for someone to assume the position on a permanent basis.

“It’s really the opportunity to be a part of that portfolio and that new role there that really compelled me towards that opportunity,”

Tim Tang, former MacEwan associate vice-president of students

When Tang started in June 2021, he says his first goal was to help navigate the pandemic recovery and provide support during the return to campus amidst continual disruptions. 

“As we came back to a full return, my goal was really to revitalize and expand the student affairs portfolio. We did some work in the early days to develop some tactical and operational plans to support the strategic vision,” says Tang. “The new strategic vision — teaching greatness — we really wanted to embody the student experience.”

In addition to overseeing a broad range of student support services, Tang helped plan with the office of the university registrar and the office of institutional analysis and planning to continue to build enrolment and student retention. MacEwan’s current goal is to reach an enrolment of 20,000 full-time students by 2030. 

When asked about how he will be wrapping up his responsibilities at MacEwan, Tang says it’s going to be about ensuring that the process will minimize as much disruption as possible in the areas he’s been working closely with, like SAMU. 

“There is a lot of deep connections already with SAMU — into a lot of the key initiatives that have been started during my time here,” says Tang. “I have no doubt that they will continue to be important partners and an important voice in that work moving forward.”

When asked about the reasons for his departure, Tang described the opportunity at the U of A. 

“It’s really the opportunity to be a part of that portfolio and that new role there that really compelled me towards that opportunity,” he says.

But, Tang says that wherever he ends up, he will continue to apply the principles that he’s come to know at MacEwan such as putting students first. 

“Those are kind of the lessons and the kinds of principles that I will bring with me to wherever I go next.”

Illustration by Shelby Mandin.

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