Managing your emotions during a pandemic: Some apps cause you stress; the DiveThru app takes it away

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I’ve had anxiety since I was 15. When I was younger, I would constantly worry about the smaller things in life, like changing friend groups and getting the full eight hours of sleep a night. I experienced this on and off throughout the years, but since recent changes from the COVID global pandemic, my mental health has needed some extra support. Being a full-time university student who works, studies, and tries to maintain relationships is mentally exhausting; there are only so many therapists and calming CBD oils that you can try before running out of options. 

DiveThru, a free app for your phone or tablet, acts as a journal, stress reliever, and learning centre all in one. The app content, also available on, allows users to track their mood at the start of every morning, read articles best suited for them, journal daily thoughts, and participate in short-term interactive learning programs. 

The Edmonton-based app, which began its development in 2018, has already received a great number of media shoutouts, a review from Seventeen Magazine, and a large following on their Instagram (@letsdivethru). The idea for DiveThru was to help people in ways that were relatable and friendly. 

“Mental health was something that I struggled with throughout my entire life, from attempted suicide and self-harm in my teens that evolved into an eating disorder,” 27-year-old founder and CEO Sophie Gray says. “I saw that there was this need for a resource that was relatable and made people feel seen and heard”. And that’s exactly what DiveThru did.

I signed up for a basic account, where I was able to access articles and interactive activities at no cost, using the app as much as I needed without the worry of a free-trial ending. After the first week of daily journaling and reading articles on student’s stress relief and anxiety during a pandemic, I felt lighter. There was a sense of comfort knowing that if times get tough again, I’d have a source to help break away from the busy life around me, if even just for a few moments. 

A full-access membership is also available that includes more content for users, at $20 per month or a discounted price of $85 annually. With a subscription, users can interact with more short-term courses like “Self-Regulating Emotions” as well as more specific programs such as “A 14-Day Mindfulness Practice.” In the future, DiveThru’s plans for growth are full of new additions: updated articles, new journal prompts, and a community forum to help connect people online who are going through similar things, Gray reveals.

Like a personal diary, DiveThru acts as a safe and comfortable outlet to express your emotions. This app is perfect for individuals struggling with mental health, or anyone who is curious to learn more about wellness and help support others. With less commitment than seeing a counsellor, but more interaction than other mental health apps, DiveThru caters to everyone’s individual needs while helping users find healthy habits of self-reflection along the way.
“We really appreciate and value that (feedback),” Gray says, “people’s experience on the app is so important to us.” For anyone who is interested in learning more about personal wellness, the app’s features and DiveThru’s overall message, their internal team of writers and licensed mental health professionals can be reached through the app and website, or by contacting Sophie directly at

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