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Noise Released

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After releasing two EPs in less than a month, Noise Pending is one of the newest bands in the Edmonton music scene.

The four-piece instrumental group features three current MacEwan University music students and one alumni.

James Kumaran, the drummer, was inspired to form the band after listening to lo-fi and R&B music during the summer of 2020. Kumaran felt there weren’t many students in the jazz and contemporary music program at MacEwan University playing the style of music he was listening to, and he saw an opportunity to create a unique musical project. 

To bring his idea to life, Kumaran enlisted guitarist Ryley Peters, bassist Evan Klick, and keyboardist Gabe Pashak. The musicians met in university. Kumaran and Klick also play together in a jazz band called The Moo King Trio

Pashak describes Noise Pending’s music as “indie-psych,” with influences from artists like Khruangbin, Tortoise, and Mac Demarco

Noise Pending released their first EP, which consists of two songs, on Sept. 3, 2021. The first track, ‘Coastal Service,’ was initially written by Pashak in 2015. He explained that he never had any use for the song until Noise Pending formed. “I always liked it, but it never fit with any other projects I was doing. I felt bad it wasn’t being used,” Pashak said.

The band’s first performance was at the Beaumont Blues and Roots Festival this past September. “It was great. It was nice being outside in nice weather, good people, good vibes, it was awesome,” Peters said.

The Beaumont concert was also Pashak’s first gig. “I couldn’t have asked for a better one,” Pashak explained. 

Noise Pendings’s second EP, featuring two more songs, was released on Oct. 3, 2021. Peters wrote the baseline for the track “Beach Town,” which he described as “kind of Mac Demarco vibes and surf style.” The sound of waves can be heard throughout the song. 

The group played their second show on Nov. 27, at Gravy, in Edmonton. Although an instrumental band, Noise Pending performed with vocalist Salty Aunty, who is also a MacEwan University music student. 

Kumaran explained that the band played with a vocalist to expand their live performance. “We really target the sit down, just listen with your headphones kind of vibe, so we (asked ourselves) how we can change some things for the live setting because it is different,” Kumaran said.

Noise Pending is currently working on new music and recordings which they hope to release in the near future. As well, the band has planned a concert in February that will take place at The Aviary, in Edmonton.
Noise Pending’s music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer. To stay up to date with the band, follow them on Instagram.

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