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OPINION: Edmonton Oilers’ eight wins in a row changes the narrative

by | Jan 12, 2024 | Opinions, Sports | 3 comments

A remarkable turnaround fuels playoff aspirations

The Edmonton Oilers have engineered a stunning turnaround, moving from a struggling 31st out of 32 teams to 20th in the league standings. This extraordinary climb is highlighted by the team’s current 8-game win streak, a triumph that has not only silenced early-season reporters, but has also redefined the narrative surrounding the Oilers 2023-2024 playoff campaign.

At the start of this season, the Oilers faced significant challenges, dealing with inconsistency and defensive failures that placed them at the bottom of the league. The negative press and uncertainties around (former) head coach Jay Woodcroft’s guidance fueled doubts about the team’s season. However, the narrative took an unexpected turn with the mid-season coaching shake-up that saw Woodcroft relieved of his duties and Kris Knoblauch stepping in as the new head coach. The decision to also part ways with assistant coach Dave Manson and bring in the legendary Paul Coffey added another layer of intrigue to the team’s transition.

In face of the coaching changes, Oilers players found themselves not only adapting to new strategies and leadership, but also navigating the emotional impact of the team dynamics. The adjustment period, which could have easily derailed the season further, instead became a catalyst for this current peak. Under the new guidance of Kris Knoblauch, the Oilers have displayed a newfound cohesiveness and tactical ability. The defense, once a sore spot, have contributed significantly to the team’s on ice success. The players, from seasoned veterans to fresh talent, have showcased their commitment to the collective goal of climbing the standings. 

The current streak is not only buoyed by the team’s on-ice performance but also by the unwavering support of the dedicated fan base. Oilers fans remained loyal in their commitment to the team through the struggling early days. Whether in the arena or expressing their support through social media, their fans became a driving force behind the team’s resurgence. As someone who attends a handful of Oilers games each year, the palpable energy and encouragement from the fans radiating when you step into the barn creates an atmosphere of unity and overall excitement! As the Oilers continue their journey towards success, the relationship between the players and their crowd stands out as a crucial factor in the team’s achievements.

The individual success of star players, notably McDavid and Draisaitl, as well as Hymen, has also played a pivotal role in the Oilers’ resurgence. Their offensive prowess, combined with a resurgence of team spirit, has turned the Oilers into a formidable force this season. As the Oilers continue to build on their recent success and hopefully continue their 8 game win streak, the narrative surrounding the team has shifted from early-season struggles to a story of putting in the work and reaping the benefits. The league climb from 31st to 20th not only reflects the tangible improvements on the ice but also speaks to the intangible qualities of determination within the organisation. As the players mentioned in multiple post-game interviews, it was still too early on in the season to count them out.

Avery Chilton

The Griff


  1. Bev Crebo

    Fantastic article thank u for providing insite into a game we all love and about a team that will endure despite some hurdles along the way. Passionate and caring fans such as yourself will give the team the motivation they need to succeed.

  2. Rose Ann Johannson

    Well written article. I hope they live up to your expectations.

  3. Zaneb

    Yay Avery!


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