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Opinion: Should MacEwan University students dress to impress?

by | Oct 20, 2017 | Opinions | 0 comments

The notion that students should “dress for the job they want” is not new.

For some students, school is their job, and along that line of thinking comes the desire to dress professionally. These individuals believe that they are already well into beginning their careers, and appropriate dress is as much a given as a serious outlook. As scientific studies have shown, clothing is incredibly important in making good first impressions since, the majority of time, people make judgements based on clothing and looks.

For other students, school is their home away from home, a feeling that is reflected in their clothes. Pyjama pants and big hoodies are their anthem, and they no doubt feel comfort is a must throughout their busy days. This results in a relaxed atmosphere that can be infectious, and seems to slightly reduce the stress levels that most students feel.

Both sides may comment on the other and say that they are either overdressed or underdressed. In reality, though, this does not matter in the grand scheme of things. As students of MacEwan University, we live in Canada, where our right to freedom of expression is guaranteed. This means that anyone can wear anything they want as long as it does not violate anyone else’s rights.

There is no doubt that the varying ways students dress have respective advantages and disadvantages, yet that is the beauty of it. All students have the choice to wear what they desire without unnecessary consequences. If they feel like wearing a formal ensemble, no problem; if they feel like dressing for a casual get-together, then all the power to them.

MacEwan’s dress code is simply this: dress the way you want, whether it be formal or informal. MacEwan is a school that is unafraid to let students demonstrate their diversity in their own ways. This school abides by a key freedom of the Charter that allows individuals to present themselves how they wish to be presented.

This is only one factor that makes MacEwan an institution that can be seen as a home, a place where uniquely individual yet like-minded people can gather and belong. They can voice their thoughts and opinions, succeed in their academics, and become involved in a community.    

MacEwan does not dress to impress. What MacEwan does is dress to express.

Photography by Flazingo Photos. Flickr CC BY SA.

Emma Small

The Griff


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